Renforth currently has two presentations, prepared for the OTC Markets Extractive Industries Investment Opportunities Virtual Conference.

Renforth is in an interesting place right now, our open pit gold deposit at Parbec anchors our discovery of battery metals on our vast Surimeau District Property.

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On March 30th Renforth’s Surimeau District Project was presented during the Critical and Strategic Metals day, due to RFR’s discovery of nickel/copper/zinc in several locations on this large property. The powerpoint presentation in pdf format (the “deck”) can be accessed HERE

A direct link to the taped 20 minute presentation, along with questions asked and answered in real time, is HERE

On March 31st our flagship asset, our Parbec open pit constrained gold deposit on the Cadillac Break, right beside the Canadian Malartic Mine, Canada’s largest gold mine, was presented on the Precious Metals day.  A direct link to the 20 minute presentation, along with questions asked and answered is available HERE

The current Parbec presentation can be found HERE

Renforth will be exhibiting/presenting at the following virtual conferences, all of which offer free registration;

Inaugural Extractive Industry Investment Opportunities


March 30 at 3pm EST

 Critical Metals – Surimeau (nickel/copper/zinc)


March 31 at 1:30pm EST

Precious Metals – Parbec (gold deposit)




*not listed here are presentations to brokerage firms/sales desks, investment clubs/groups, or private presentations.  If that is of interest please email nicole@renforthresources.com to schedule

Previous Presentations

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