Research and Interviews


Renforth has been written up by Smallcaps Investments Research, they receive a small amount of compensation for this, as is the case with most research, one way or the other.

The latest report is available here “Company Report Q3 2020” 

Fundamental Research Corp. commenced coverage of Renforth, their initiating report can be found here. As disclosed by FRC the company received compensation for their independent report.

Ahead of the Herd, a newsletter website, has also commenced coverage of Renforth, their most recent piece is on Surimeau. Renforth advertises on Ahead of the Herd’s website.


Visit Renforth’s Youtube channel for interviews and other videos.

Renforth features in “Abitibi 360: Le fièvre de l’or” which opens on the Discovery Veins on Renforth’s New Alger property, and returns to them around the 4 minute mark.  This feature, by Nadagam films, was shot with a 360 degree camera, you can rotate your view using the control in the upper left of the screen.  Be sure to take a look at our neighbour, the Canadian Malartic Mine, contiguous to our Parbec Property, which is around the 4.5 minute mark, from the bottom of their open pit!