Renforth Resources Inc. is engaged in developing its’ wholly owned 330 km2 Surimeau District Project, Quebec’s newest polymetallic battery minerals system with several areas of mineralization, including the nickel, cobalt, copper and zinc mineralized Victoria structure. Victoria boasts ~20km of strike with surface mineralization and limited drilling, road access and hydroelectric power. Nearby Renforth also holds Parbec, a gold deposit with an obsolete 2020 MRE, beside Canada’s largest open pit gold mine, which is undergoing a model update after the last round of successful drilling to expand the deposit. Renforth Resources Inc. is headquartered in Pickering, ON, Canada.

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About Me – Nicole Brewster

This is my bio. The only problem with this is that, while I quite enjoy writing newsletters to go with press releases, I do not enjoy writing about myself. However – you, as either a shareholder or potential investor has every reason to want to know about me.  I suggest you find me at a convention, or give me a call, and we can get to know each other – even over Zoom! Failing that, I will try to set my self-deprecating, spotlight avoidance tendencies aside and offer some information, which you may, or may not, find relevant.

Proudly Canadian, born, raised and residing just east of Toronto, married, with two kids, one of whom is in university (I am old enough for that), also proud Weimaraner parents. Outside of work I am currently President of my local community association and volunteer as a member of the City Heritage Conservation committee. My formal education includes an Honours History degree, as well as qualifications (in a past life), as a stockbroker, with derivatives, options and financial planning. In that life my practice focussed on capital markets/mining with high net worth retail clients.  That focus comes from being raised by a successful exploration geologist who worked (he is still working actually) around the world, as an entrepreneur and geoscientist.

Personally, by summer jobs consisted of various elements of the mining business, and led to employment as a contractor working in the early days of the digitization of exploration data, 3d modelling and data visualization. Upon having a family I went back to what I knew best, the exploration business, corporate communications and development, data presentation, program development, expedition and logistics as a partner is a successful private small business with several employees.

As President of Renforth I reconstituted the company, developed a maiden resource and sold a gold deposit, and evaluated and cast aside many other project opportunities. Renforth’s portfolio today consists of a gold deposit, one which my father actually worked on ~40 years ago actually, with Renforth establishing the first resource, in addition we have a mineralized gold property in Ontario.  Our battery metals portfolio consists of several nickel exploration properties in Quebec, along with our Surimeau property which we are actively “exploring”, not looking for mineralization, instead trying to determine what the ~29kms of strike holds.

Now – this is unconventional for a bio, at best, but maybe it helps you form an opinion about me. The advice I was given was to find someone else to write this, as I really do not like writing about myself. However, until that occurs please take this. If you have questions please email me at