Fall 2023 Core Photos

These are photos of the drill core, with some highlight photos, for each hole in the Fall 2023 drill program. Some of these photos show the XRF results from testing the drill core, it is important to understand that the XRF measures the first few millimetres of material in the core from a pinky fingernail sized area. Therefore this is indicative only, not representative of the core as a whole or the entirety of the material drilled. Geologists use the XRF in order to confirm the presence of mineralization, because they are curious as to indicative values of something they see in the core, and to confirm the presence of trace or pathfinder minerals. So – you are duly cautioned not to rely on this data.  By the same token core highlights are just that – highlights. And also depend on the number of geologists in the core shack to have the time to take pretty pictures.  For drill holes SUR-23-51 onwards we have one geologist with relief, our senior field geo is on a break.  So not many pictures, the drill is spitting out core at a good clip. But, in case you want to understand how exploration works the pictures are available to you for the first time in this program, this rock is seeing the light of day for the first time ever, from as much as several hundred metres below surface.