Renforth Demonstrates 68% Average Sulphide Nickel Content within Surimeau Grab Samples

February 18, 2021

Renforth Resources Inc. (CSE – RFR) (OTC US– RFHRF) (FSE-99R) (“Renforth” or the “Company”) is pleased to inform shareholders that lab work performed on Surimeau grab samples demonstrates an average of 68% sulphide nickel at Surimeau within the samples analyzed.

“Renforth is pleased that at Surimeau our initial nickel sulphide content calculations demonstrate that the surface nickel mineralization is largely composed primarily of sulphide nickel, supporting our statement that Surimeau, with 5kms of mineralization observed at Victoria West alone, is a large scale battery-grade nickel discovery on surface. It is road accessible via the Rapide-Sept road, which ends at the hydro-electric generating station approximately 40kms to the south. This is certainly a green nickel story, in our opinion, with lots of room to grow” states Nicole Brewster, President and CEO of Renforth.

Surface grab samples collected during Renforth’s reconnaissance sampling program on Surimeau in summer of 2020 were assayed using a four-acid digestion process as recommended by Dr. James Franklin This method  supports our geochemical investigation as it provides  superior accuracy due to its more complete  sample digestion. The four-acid digestion data includes both sulphide and silicate nickel, whereas an assay suite using a less complete digestion method, like Aqua Regia, would primarily determine the sulphide-nickel content. Most of the silicate-contained nickel is not dissolved using the aqua regia method.

In order to determine the amount of sulphide versus silicate nickel reported in the assays Renforth elected to re-process any grab sample which originally contained above 1000ppm Ni (0.1%) by the four-acid digestion method with an additional Aqua Regia digestion. Reject material from 18 of the four-acid samples was cut and split in order to create a total of 36 samples (18 with a duplicate of each), which were processed using the Aqua Regia method. By comparing the four-acid nickel value to the Aqua Regia nickel value it is possible, in a very simple way, to estimate the amount of sulphide nickel contributing to the four-acid  assay content.

Presented below are the results from the analysis of the 18 samples with four-acid, and reject material from the same samples, along with duplicates, by Aqua-Regia.  17 of the samples, and their duplicates, provided apparent sulphide  nickel contents generally  above 40% of the total Ni content, and up to 93% of the total Ni determined by the 4-acid method, whereas two samples contained only 9% sulphide content, and are dominantly silicate material. The samples were all from the southern anomaly, Victoria West, area of Surimeau with the exception of one, from Lalonde, approximately 3.5 kms. north of Victoria West and within the northern anomaly. Interestingly this sample returned the highest sulphide percentage.

Sample Location Ni ppm AqRg Ni ppm 4A Sulphide Ni ppm Silicate Ni ppm % Ni In Sulphide
7030 Victoria 105 1175 105 1070 8.93617021
7030D Victoria 109 1175 109 1066 9.27659574
7044D Victoria 428 1035 428 607 41.352657
7044 Victoria 445 1035 445 590 42.9951691
7046 Victoria 538 1045 538 507 51.4832536
7046D Victoria 546 1045 546 499 52.2488038
2333D Victoria 646 1225 646 579 52.7346939
7036D Victoria 719 1340 719 621 53.6567164
7036 Victoria 720 1340 720 620 53.7313433
2333 Victoria 659 1225 659 566 53.7959184
7042D Victoria 938 1510 938 572 62.1192053
7039 Victoria 905 1425 905 520 63.5087719
7042 Victoria 969 1510 969 541 64.1721854
7039D Victoria 938 1425 938 487 65.8245614
2317D Victoria 756 1135 756 379 66.6079295
2317 Victoria 758 1135 758 377 66.784141
7027D Victoria 919 1335 919 416 68.8389513
7045D Victoria 811 1160 811 349 69.9137931
7027 Victoria 935 1335 935 400 70.0374532
7045 Victoria 814 1160 814 346 70.1724138
2329 Victoria 966 1355 966 389 71.2915129
7040D Victoria 782 1070 782 288 73.0841121
2329D Victoria 1010 1355 1010 345 74.5387454
7040 Victoria 843 1070 843 227 78.7850467
7047 Victoria 1200 1485 1200 285 80.8080808
2347 LaLonde 1175 1445 1175 270 81.3148789
7047D Victoria 1250 1485 1250 235 84.1750842
2347D LaLonde 1230 1445 1230 215 85.1211073
2319 Victoria 1260 1450 1260 190 86.8965517
2319D Victoria 1270 1450 1270 180 87.5862069
2321D Victoria 1240 1395 1240 155 88.8888889
2321 Victoria 1250 1395 1250 145 89.6057348
2350 LaLonde 1845 2040 1845 195 90.4411765
2328 Victoria 4540 4950 4540 410 91.7171717
2328D Victoria 4610 4950 4610 340 93.1313131
2350D LaLonde 1910 2040 1910 130 93.627451

Renforth considers it important to demonstrate that Surimeau is a sulphide nickel occurence as sulphide nickel can be recovered by conventional milling methods, whereas silicate nickel is far less easily recovered.

Renforth continues laboratory work at Surimeau, reject material from the already processed drill core samples is being assayed for Platinum group elements, the remaining ~70m of drill core from the 194m drill program which was not previously sampled is being split, while the Parbec drill program is ongoing, this material will be delivered to the lab for assay once ready.

Drilling on Renforth’s Parbec open pit-constrained gold resource is ongoing; the current program of 19 holes over ~5000m will complete the 15,000m drill program at Parbec that commenced September 2020.  Assay results for 22 of the 27 holes drilled in 2020 are still outstanding. In addition samples from the first 6 holes drilled at Parbec this year have been delivered to the lab for assay. Renforth is receiving results from the “new” laboratory to which all the samples from the 22 holes were delivered just before Christmas. However, no data for a complete hole have been received yet. Upon receipt of data for complete holes Renforth will release the assays.

Renforth’s current plan, in addition to the ongoing Parbec drill program, is that on completion of the Parbec drilling the drill crew will mobilize to Surimeau and carry out the next stage drill program, currently being planned.  Upon receipt of all the data generated by the 15,000m drill program the geological model for Parbec will be rebuilt and delivered to a resource geologist for recalculation of a resource estimate. In addition, Renforth intends to continue prospecting at our Nixon-Bartleman gold property in Ontario, last visited in 2014 when Renforth channel sampled 22.1 g/t Au over 0.3m, extending the on-strike length of surface gold mineralization to over 500m.

Samples referred to in this press release were obtained in the field, bagged, tagged and sealed and delivered to ALS in Val d’Or. Samples were split after crushing, with one split subjected to four-acid digestion (4A in the table above). Subsequent to this the reject split was digested with aqua regia (AqRg in the table above). Both splits were assayed by ICP-MS analysis.

Technical disclosure in this press release has been reviewed and approved by Brian H. Newton P.Geo a “qualified person” pursuant to the guidelines of NI 43-101.


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Renforth holds the Parbec open pit constrained gold deposit in Malartic Quebec, contiguous to the Canadian Malartic mine, with 104,000 indicated ounces of gold at a grade of 1.78 g/t Au and 177,000 inferred ounces of gold at a grade of 1.78 g/t Au. A 15,000m drill program is ongoing, this program is planned to twin, infill and undercut existing drill holes at Parbec, the aim of this program is to rebuild the geological model and increase the resource estimate upon restatement. In addition to this Renforth has discovered a nickel bearing ultramafic, coincident with a copper/zinc VMS, over ~5km of strike in the western end of the 20km central anomaly at Renforth’s wholly owned 215 km2Surimeau property. This prospect was discovered on surface and the subject of a very short, shallow drill program, a more robust drill program is planned for Spring 2021. Renforth also holds the Malartic West property, the site of a copper/silver discovery, and Nixon-Bartleman, west of Timmins Ontario, with gold present on surface over a strike length of ~500m.  Renforth is well funded, with ~$6.7 million in cash and securities on hand (*as at 02/08/21), in addition to the gold contained in our gold deposit.

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