Renforth’s Surimeau District Scale Nickel/VMS Prospect Assays 0.483% Ni over 1m within a 13m Interval of 0.156% Ni Starting at Surface

February 9, 2021

Renforth Resources Inc. (CSE – RFR) (OTC US– RFHRF) (WKN – A2H9TN) (“Renforth” or the “Company”) is pleased to inform shareholders that our Surimeau district scale Nickel/VMS prospect drill program has provided;

  • 156% Ni over 13m, including 0.483% Ni over 1m in SUR-20-003,
  • 126% Ni over 20.5m, including 0.209% over 2.4m from hole SUR-20-002.
  • SUR-20-001 returned 1.16% Zn and 0.132% Cu over 4.03m from the bedrock surface down to 4.0m, followed by 0.147% Ni over 7.9m

The polymetallic mineralization is associated with a sulphide assemblage composed of nickel bearing pyrrhotite, sphalerite and chalcopyrite.

This program has tested historical information from trenching and drilling known as the “Victoria West” target. Renforth’s preliminary surface sampling and these 3 drillholes, combined with historic information, create an area of interest that has the most data available on the property. Overall,  the prospective horizons tested herein include approximately 5kms. of strike in the western end of the ~20km central anomaly at Surimeau. (refer to the Surimeau property map, available in the Surimeau section, under Projects, at

Renforth interprets the Surimeau central anomaly to be a nickel bearing ultramafic body occurring alongside, and intermingled with, a sediment-and volcanic hosted copper/zinc volcanogenic massive sulfide style occurrence. This is considered by Renforth to be an “Outokumpu-like” occurrence, a reference to a district in eastern Finland known for several unconventional sulphide deposits variously hosting economic grades of Cu, Zn, Ni, Co, Ag and Au. Like Surimeau, the Outokumpu district is located in a deformed high grade metamorphosed terrain where volcanic and ultramafic units form intercalated lenses in a sediment dominated environment.


Hole SUR-20-001 and SUR-20-003, along strike and approximately 200m apart , were both collared in mineralization. SUR-20-002 was collared over 60m south of SUR-20-003 and intersected the northern contact between the volcanic complex and sediments of the Pontiac Group. Hole SUR-20-003 ended abruptly due to equipment breakdown, at a length of 32m, still in mineralization, which ended the program.

Almost all of SUR-20-003 was sampled, and contained elevated nickel  contents, as presented below, indicating the hole was entirely within a nickel – bearing ultramafic unit.  In contrast to this SUR-20-002, collared 60m away,  contains elevated nickel, copper and zinc, from 3 to 70.5 in one uninterrupted interval;  highlights within this mineralized envelope are presented below. Collared 220m to the east, SUR-20-001 is continuously enriched in base metals,  with variable contents of Ni, Zn and Cu  from surface for 22.25m.  Highlights are presented below.

The assays are presented below with two sets of information: First the continuously mineralized zone is given for each hole, followed by specific assay highlights for either nickel, copper or zinc within the continuously mineralized zone.

  Min. Zone     Assay Highlight          
Drillhole From (m) To (m) Length From (m) To (m) Length Ni% Cu% Zn%
SUR-20-001 0.75 23 22.25 0.75 4.78 4.03 0.132 1.16
14.1 22 7.9 0.147    
14.1 16.2 2.1 0.94
SUR-20-002 3 19 16 9 14 5 0.173
9 16.5 7.5 0.481
10 12.5 2.5 0.121
SUR-20-002 24.5 56.1 31.6 24.5 42.75 18.25 0.244
32.55 33.1 0.55 0.184
37 38 1 0.167
35.6 56.1 20.5 0.126
35.6 38 2.4 0.209
42.75 56.1 13.35 0.135
SUR-20-003 2 25 23 2 15 13 0.156
2 3 1 0.483
25.5 28.5 3 27 28.5 1.5 0.185
31 32 1 31 32 1 0.224

Surimeau Surface Sampling

Prior to this drill program Renforth conducted reconnaissance prospecting at Surimeau, in the areas of historic work at Victoria West (the same area as the drill program), the LaLonde base metal occurrence approximately 3.5 km to the north, in the northern anomaly at Surimeau, and Colonie, approximately 20km to the east of, and on strike to, the Victoria West area.

Selected highlights of that surface prospecting program, which visited historic trenches as well as outcrops, found and sampled for the first time, appear below. This list is not comprehensive, nor entirely representative of the property. This list contains the highlights of grab sampling programs, grab samples are selective in nature. In addition, this prospecting program, Renforth’s first work at Surimeau was focused where there was record and evidence of historic trenching. Renforth currently  interprets Surimeau to host a nickel bearing ultramafic unit, along with a copper -zinc VMS, as well as a tectonically  “mixed” zone between the two.  We also observed that historic work was not evenly divided between these mineralized zones, and our prospecting work did not evenly address these zones as a result.

Selected Surimeau Summer 2020 Grab Sample Results

Project Area Sample # Ni % Cu % Zn %
Victoria 2328 0.495 0.03 0.05
Victoria 7061 0.195 0.06
Victoria 7093 0.165 0.06 0.08
Victoria 2319 0.145 0.05 0.04
Victoria 2321 0.139 0.05 0.05
Victoria 2339 0.09 0.12 1.79
Victoria 2336 0.08 0.12 3.16
Victoria B567791 0.07 0.05 1.15
Victoria 2340 0.06 0.17 1.87
Victoria 2337 0.04 0.13 2.29
LaLonde B567800 0.22 0.06
Lalonde 2350 0.2 0.05
Lalonde B567799 0.15
Lalonde 2347 0.14
LaLonde B567798 0.12
Colonie 7072 0.19
Colonie 7073 0.11
Colonie 7076 0.1


The Surimeau drill program used a custom built mobile, track mounted drill, and was planning to test sub-surface mineralization near old trenches and outcrop proximal to the property access road. SUR-20-001 was 72m in length, with 44.6m sampled, SUR-20-002 was 90m in length, with 71.25m sampled and SUR-20-003 was 32m in length with 20.7m of sampling. As every sample taken returned values above background in different elements the decision has been taken to sample all of the remaining core obtained during the Parbec drill program and submit this for assay, resolving sampling gaps which have mineralization on either side of the gap. In addition to this testing for platinum group element contents is under way.

Drill samples and their assays referred to in this press release were identified, split, bagged and tagged in the field and delivered to the facilities of AGAT Laboratories in Val d’Or Quebec where they were processed using Sodium Peroxide Fusion – ICP-OES/ICP-MS Finish. The prospecting grab samples and their assays referred to in this press release were selected, bagged, tagged and sealed in the field. They were delivered to the facilities of ALS Canada Ltd in Val d’Or where they underwent ME-MS41L (Aqua Regia, ICP-MS).

Technical disclosure in this press release has been reviewed and approved by Brian H. Newton P.Geo and Martin Demers P.Geo (ogq), each a “qualified person” pursuant to the guidelines of NI 43-101.

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