Parbec – Location, Location

Parbec, on a never mined portion of the Cadillac Break, is contiguous to the Canadian Malartic super pit mine and its’ 10 million ounce resource (2014), and immediately adjacent to the East Amphi mine resource portion of Canadian Malartic.  Mineralization at Parbec starts on surface and is contained within the 1.6km structural feature of the Break.  A ramp in place may provide future access for underground bulk sampling and exploration.  Additional exploration potential also exists to the south and the north of the known break on the property.

Initial Parbec Resource

  • Mineral resources which are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability. The estimate of mineral resources may be materially affected by environmental, permitting, legal, title, taxation, socio-political, marketing, or other relevant issues.
  • The quantity and grade of reported inferred resources in this estimation are uncertain in nature and there has been insufficient exploration to define these inferred resources as an indicated or Measured mineral resource and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in upgrading them to an indicated or Measured mineral resource category.
  • The mineral resources in this report were estimated using the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), CIM Standards on Mineral Resources and Reserves, Definitions and Guidelines prepared by the CIM Standing Committee on Reserve Definitions and adopted by CIM Council.
  • A cut-off value of 0.5 g/t Au was used in the preparation of this resource.

Parbec Exploration

Renforth has identified five areas of interest on the Property, depicted in the following slide

  • Drilling from surface within the deposit as modeled, to depth and along strike – the process of detailed modeling that resulted in this initial resource calculation also highlighted “gaps” within the model. Within the outlined resource there are deeper gold intersections, gaps occur between these and the bulk of the resource (100% of the indicated and approximately 73% of the inferred resource is located within 200m of surface). The vertical gaps are priority drill targets. Lastly, the structure is open along strike and represents a prospective target along its length.
  • Dewatering the ramp – the 580 m ramp at Parbec ends at 100 m depth, about 30 m south of the Tuff horizon in the Camp Zone which it is targeting. This ramp, once dewatered, would provide access to sample the ramp, including the felsite zone it was collared in and provide underground drilling stations to investigate the main mineralized zones. Additionally, the ramp could be extended along strike to allow additional drilling at depth and along strike as well as access for bulk sampling of the mineralized zones.
  • Structural exploration – the resource modeling process has identified several areas of elevated gold values occurring in proximity to fault junctions. Some of the best deeper intersections at Parbec occur in this setting. Drilling above and below those intersections to increase known high grade areas is planned.
  • A large intrusive diorite stock, historically identified and verified in the field by Renforth is located in the SW portion of the property, on the south side of the Break. The marginal areas of this intrusive have been found to host elevated gold values in drill intercepts outside of the area of the current resource. An intrusive can be a heat engine for the emplacement of gold as well as provide a prospective environment for mineralization in the fracturing that occurs along the intrusive’s margins.
  • Northern exploratino targets – as detailed in press releases additional targets exist to the north of the Cadillac Break.